About Us

What is This?

The Inverted Experience is an upside-down photo studio where we take all the photos with your cell phone, so they're yours forever! We show you how to crop, invert, and filter the photos afterwards to give them the Inverted illusion. Unlike other photo studios where you pay admission to take ONE photo in ONE location, for price of admission we take you on a tour of all EIGHT sets taking multiple photos of multiple poses! Then, you pick your favorite pose(s) and we print it on a glossy 8 x 10 souvenir photograph in about 2-3 minutes!

So, does it work?

We use your cellphone to take the photos for you so that you can get in on all the fun we have without having to worry about getting the shot! Our trained photographers will get you laughing and having a good time, all while getting the photograph lined up and you posed for the perfect shot! Since it's on your camera, you own the rights to it, and can do with the photo as you want!

Who thought of this crazy idea?!

That would be Keith Baker, and here's what he has to say about this little adventure we came up with!

"Inverted Experience was conceived over ten years ago while fishing in the Bering Sea. I truly believe that when certain things are correct in your life and your surroundings, you are able to think outside the box. Perhaps if one would eliminate the daily noise and hustle -bustle of the internet, cell phone, TV, cars honking their horns, and just general noise pollution, more creative thinking would be taking place. This is exactly what happened in my world while fishing. While fishing one early morning, in January, in the dead of winter, I was trying to imagine what I would do if the vessel I was on would roll over and how would I swim out from under it. It has happened before with people I have known personally. The fact that it has happened, and hopefully will not happen again, but there is that possibility, has made me think about the position and location of doorways, hatches, and life rafts while the vessel is not only up right but also upside down. While thinking of the boat inverted, I also began to think of other objects and places inverted as well."

"My thought was when I retire: do something in my home town of Seaside and create a fun, family atmosphere for all to enjoy. Ten years ago we, the public, were not ready for this Inverted world of mine to happen. People would have to have a camera around their neck, or in their pocket, to take these fun pictures. But even five years ago, we did not have the social media that we have today. It has only been the last few years that it has come to light to make it possible to work and work well with all age groups. Taking the pictures, inverting, and sending them are all such a great activity in this small town atmosphere we have in Seaside. Hope you stop by and enjoy my vision. We have group rates and we do reunions, birthday parties, receptions, school parties and field-trips, special events, team and organization events. Call for more info."

- Keith Baker Owner and Creator